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Dreamweb (Milan Krstevski)

Milan Krstevski (b. Aug 12th 1979) is a graphic designer from Macedonia.
Milan has a master’s degree in art painting and graphic design from
Republic of Macedonia’s Academy Of Fine Arts.
His professional experience, apart from graphic design jobs & freelancing, ranges from designing promotional material for Macedonia’s leading electronic dance music organisations (Love, Peace, Sun & Smile and Digital Dance) to complete visual solutions covering everything from promotional material to web-site appearance and logo/brand design for international clients like Synapsi, a leading industrial music event promoter in Finland.
Apart from his experience with event promoters, he has also designed
website graphics and CD booklets/inlays for Tranceform Records, a
Finnish independent record label releasing electronic music.

“As a turn-key partner I say that Milan is one of the best in his trade.
During my time in entertainment branch I’ve co-operated with a lot of
people, and I’d say that Milan’s ability to deliver outstanding quality
that meets - and usually exceeds - the requirements, in practically no
time, is second to none.”
• Kalle Kirjalainen, Synapsi (promoter), Tranceform Records (label manager).

His international list of clients doesn’t stop here.
Under the same alias, in he’s free time, he’s producing and releasing quality melodic, chill out & ambient tracks for online label
Recently, he has started exploring the world of digital video art.

Pronunciation: 'drEm
1 . a series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep 2 . a visionary creation of the imagination

Pronunciation: 'web
1. a network of silken thread spun and usually serving as a nest or shelter

Dreamweb – A web made of dreams...Where dreams create art.
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