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Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov A.K.A Simplexity, started producing music in 2001 and since then, he has adopted and developed many different styles, always keeping an eclectic and fresh direction of his music. His music has been aired on TV, radio and art exhibitions. The style he makes, could only be defined as experimental but he has a strong influence from Drum'n'Bass, IDM, Ambient, Glitch, Electronic Hardcore and any other music that he finds interesting.

He proclaims himself, not only as a creator and manipulator of the song, but also a sample artist, that seeks and creates new ways to affect the brain through the ear. Some examples of his samples are his home appliances, cookware, his vocal cords, varied electronic devices etc.
Always searching for energetic and innovative sounds, he uses any means necessary to materialise his ideas for a song/sample.

Seeing music creation as a scientific research and discovery process, he uses his audio hardware as an audio laboratory, extending the limits of sound and orthodox music. His main influences in his music and life are gene's, self, society, natural surrounding, seemingly random occurrences and any sources of information.

He respects and actively listens to the music of the following artist: Richard D James, Mike Paradinas, Thomas Jenkinson, Aaron Funk, The Prodigy, nature...
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