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Director's biography

Born: 1976, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia


- `00 - `01 Specialization at the European Film College, Ebeltoft, Denmark
- `96 - `00 Faculty of Dramatic Arts, class of Mr. Stole Popov, Skopje, R.Macedonia


- 2004-2005 "Aleph", Fiction, 15min, "Production Plus" DV
- 2004-2005 "Ogledalo", Fiction, 20min, "Production plus" DV
- 2001-2002 "The portrait of the young artist in the 21st century", Fiction, 8min, "Dream Factory Production" & "Manaki Brothers" DV
- 2001 "Goldfish", Documentary, 5min, "EFC Production" DV
- 1999-2000 "EXIT", Fiction, 18min, "Vardar Film Producion", 35 mm
- 1997 "Inner City life", Documentary, 15min, "FDA Production", Beta
- 1996 "Colors", Fiction, "FDA Production", 10min, Beta
- 1995 "...are dead", Documentary, 10min, "FDA Production", S-VHS
- 1990 "The dead pigeon", Documentary, 10min, "Narodna Tehnika Production", VHS


- 2006 - Screenplay for feature film "Disconnected" (work in progress)
- 2006 - Screenplay for the short film "Rande vous" - male.
- 2006 - Screenplay for the short film "Rande vous" - female.


- 2006 jury award for the best short fiction film "Aleph" on the Berlin B.B.B festival
- 2006 - "My Way" jury award, International Short Film Luksuz Festival in Slovenia for most authentically expressed film, "Aleph".
- 2002 - Student jury award in Manheim, Germany for "The portrait of the young artist in the 21st century"
- 2001 - Jury award for best film at the Hamburg International short film festival for "The portrait of the young artist in the 21st century"
- 1990 "The dead pigeon", won the first award at the State contest for short film; Golden medal at the International Contest for short films, Makarska, Former Yugoslavia
- 1990 - Year award of the City of Skopje for achievement in culture.


2001-2006 Film festivals and screenings of
"The Portrait of the young artist in the 21 century" and "Aleph"


Paris - Strasbourg - France;
Budapest - Hungary;
Belgrade - Serbia and Montenegro;
Chicago, New York - USA;
Köln - Germany;
Moscow - Russia;
Dubrovnik - Croatia


- Context Europa, Lion, France
- Short film festival, Clermont, France
- Contex Europa, Vienna, Austria
- Balkan black box, Berlin, Germany
- Short film festival, Hamburg, Germany
- Short film festival, Manheim, Germany
- Short Film Festival Winterthour, Winterthour, Switzerland
- Biennale Cetinje, Cetinje, Montenegro
- Short film festival Kalamati, Kalamati, Greece
- Short film festival, Sofia, Bulgaria

1997-2000 Film festivals
"Exit" and "Inner City Life"

- 2000 "Exit" Film Festival in Potsdam, Germany
- 2000 "Exit" Film Festival in Krakow, Poland
- 2000 "Exit" Film Festival in Palic, Serbia and Montenegro and screened at "SKOMRAHI" in Skopje and at the IFCF "Manaki Brothers"
- 1997 "Inner City Life" Film Festival in Log, Poland and Sofia, Bulgaria


1996 - Started VJ-ing while working on many different formats from dia-projectors to Arkaos digital equipment.
VJ-ed at most clubs throughout Macedonia together with PMG Collective
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