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Petar Sokoleski aka PC, is composing & producing music since 1995.
Started with support from Ulicen Ritam (famous band those years),
using Fast Tracker audio software (now with all new improved audio software it looks funny, but back then it was very cool). He was one of the pioneers in creating Macedonian Electronic Music, and promoting himself through "radio 103" 1997-1998 along with other few composers, made many new composers to step up, and thanks to that "radio 103" organized a "103 demo bands party" [1998]. After that party PMG came up with the idea to release a CD with tracks from "103 demo bands party" where PC takes a place with his track "Noiser". Because of the poor state of releasing a videos for electronic music PC decides to release animated video for the track "Liquid" [2000].
Next thing he does is releasing a first Double CD with chillout-electronic music named "Epilogue" [2002].
Year later new release arrived, with a lot of changes in his style and quiality of sounds, but this time just a promo CD named "Progressive Creations" [2003].
Next release till september [2006].

His goal is making music acceptible for human ear, mostly melodic electro-chill music or progressive-trance-breaks.

[1999] track "Noiser" published on a compilation "mACIDodia class of 999" published by PMG recordings
[2000] video "Liquid"
[2002] Double CD "EPILOGUE" published by Lithium Records
[2003] promo CD "Progressive Creations"

[1998] Silex discoteque - 103 demo bands party
[1999] MNT discoteque - promotion of "mACIDonia class of 999"
[1999] Ohrid-Gradishte beach - promotion of "mACIDonia class of 999"
[2003] Club Bizar - promotion of "Progressive Creations"
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