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Author : clubbersguide / Date : 05-05-2011 18:24
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Sven Wittekind is one of the most popular German techno DJs who became an integral part of the creative techno scene. He made it through with high-quality productions and outstanding permanent gigs to play successfully on all major platforms and the best clubs in Europe.

In 1999, early in his career, Sven Wittekind put his own first tracks still free on the Internet. Since then he had published on several international labels.

Sven has always stood for his own sound and is developing it consistently. The music is a snapshot of his life. Over the years he developed this sound to the unique combination of groovy techno and roughen the industrial sound.

In 2009 he started his new label SICK WEIRD ROUGH, which is now the focus of his work. He travels a lot with about 100 gigs a year around the globe and has visited many countries of the world. His interest in art shows the techno fans that they are dealing with a true music lover. In 2008 in the "Rave Line Poll" he won 3rd in the "Best DJ National" Voting.

Clubbersguide: When did you start DJing and where was your first gig?

Sven Wittekind: My interest in Music and Djing started in already when i was 12-13, i think when i was 15 or 16 it got more serious because my Job at that time allowed me to make some first steps: Buy Vinyl and buy Turntables. My first Gigs have been very small and underground. I just played Clubs around my Area. With good feedbacks...

Clubbersguide: How do you see the role of DJ these days as opposed to when you first started out?

Sven Wittekind: There is not much difference for my view. The „role of a DJ“ is to have fun with what you are doing. Gettin your own style and ideas to the floor without losing the vibe for Techno.

Clubbersguide: What do you think is more important for a DJ - the mixing technique or the track selection?

Sven Wittekind: I think a good middleway is healthy. Only one from both options is also not happening. A DJ should be a full package of making alot small essential things right. But its of course easier to play good Tracks, but with a bad mixing, they might dont kick off. So i think a good vibe for mixing and creating a set is necessay to make good Tracks interessting.

Clubbersguide: With all the new styles and new kind of sounds coming out, do you think that the original sound of techno will become obsolete?

Sven Wittekind: Techno is more and more spreading and the Artists start to find themselfs more and more instead of copy what works from successful djs or producers. The original techno vibe will always be there, i think there is nothing to worry for.

Clubbersguide: What's your preference - playing at festivals or clubs?

Sven Wittekind: I like both and i think both are important to keep the Scene alive. Of course i love Clubs, because you can easy extend your set from 2-3 hours to 5 hours or even longer, if you are vibing and the crowd is good. while on a festival all is scheduled, 90 minutes and thats it. But in both possibilities i try to give the people maximum of what they expect to get, Club or Festival – doesnt matter.

Clubbersguide: What's been the best party you've DJed at? Whats the strangest thing that has happened to you at a gig? What was your best, and your worst party experience?

Sven Wittekind: This Question is often asked. And again i cant really say what is THE best Gig. I just know that some Gigs where special because they was a dream to play when i started around 1999. Like my first Time in U60311 or Palazzo, in times where only the big names could play this clubs, so this was big for me as upraising Artist. My first time nature one or my brasil tour 2004, was amazing and i will never forget that vibe over there...Party in a garden, build a tent and play loud techno for 500 people, thats spirit! Strange or really worse things never really happend to me, of course there have been bad Partys and Promoters, dont get paid or whatever, but i always focus on the positive and since a few years my agency looking really to work only with serious promoters, most negativ things happend in my first 3 years of Djing anyway.

Clubbersguide: Do you think drugs are still a very important part of dance culture?

Sven Wittekind: I dont know. For me they never was, i am where i am because i love the Music. But i dont want to judge People using Drugs. As long they have fun and dont drive after using Drugs.

But i think Drugs should not be the main reason listening to Techno, the should be used secondary. You also dont watch Football, because you want to drink Beer.

Clubbersguide: Since your name is synonymous with techno, what is there that keeps you playing it, and how do you compare it to other styles?

Sven Wittekind: Thats simple: Because i like it and i enjoy myself with this Music i play. I didnt really choose what to play now. The past Years did bring me here, its all a big process, finding your own personal Style.

Clubbersguide: Techno has obviously been your passion for many years but all genres change as time goes on. How has your sound developed and how would you describe it now?

Sven Wittekind: Simply as Techno: Sick, Weird & Rough.

Clubbersguide: Being a producer as well as a DJ, how much does one influence another, are your productions more influenced by your sets and the tracks you play or is it vice versa?

Sven Wittekind: I try to dont get influenced by other Artists Tracks. Even i like them 120% and thats why i play them. But what exists, already exists... always trying to create my own stuff. As i even play on stage nowdays alot of my own stuff...and modify other Artists Tracks with Traktor, Ableton and Maschine for my own personal taste.

Clubbersguide: When you're making music, what kind of equipment are you using?

Sven Wittekind: Nowdays 90% Software. Ableton Suite 8 controlled with APC 40 and iPAD „touchAble“ App... including NI Maschine via Rewire plus all the PlugIns i selected over the Years.

But i still have a few hardware things like Jomox Drumboxes or a Tube Compressor for a warm high end mastering and a few Synths. But nowdays i use more and more the Softwaresynths with my Midikeyboard in Ableton. Its just easier and faster with gettin ideas done. Same for Drums, love to do this nowdays with Maschine.

Clubbersguide: What do you find more chalenging - recording your own tracks, or remixing tracks from other producers?

Sven Wittekind: On the view of challenging its easier to Remix a good Track. Because all ideas are already there. You just have to give it your personal touch. Finding a own Track is from Day to Day different. Sometimes there enough ideas for 2 Tracks on one Day. Sometimes i have no flow for a hole week. Then i just work on basslines or Masterings. To get my inspiration back on.

Clubbersguide: Where do you find your inspiration?

Sven Wittekind: Everywhere. I think as Musician you are so surrounded in Music that inspiration comes from all corners. Whatever i do, it has mostly to do with music. If you listen to music or perform music or even get an idea while you already work on a own track. Like i said already, when it flows it flows.

Clubbersguide: Name some of your biggest influences...

Sven Wittekind: No One...

Clubbersguide: What piece of kit can you not live without?

Sven Wittekind: Pretty much everything you could give up in your live, because things are just things. But i think, really sad i would be, to sell the stuff i make music with, that stuff became a part of me...all other stuff i could give up, if i had to...i think.

Clubbersguide: What other music and which other artists do you like?

Sven Wittekind: I am listening to pretty much everything. For my own laugh i also like Classic, Jazz and Soundtracks also alot. I love the moods in this kind of Music.

Clubbersguide: What do you do to relax? Any hobbies besides music?

Sven Wittekind: Yes a few, mainly i like Sports, like Quad riding. Swim, Gym & Tennis.

Clubbersguide: If you hadn’t become a DJ and producer, what do you reckon you’d be doing now?

Sven Wittekind: Good Question....where i have no answer for. I am very happy and thankful i can do what i do.

Clubbersguide: Tell us an unknown fact about yourself?

Sven Wittekind: I am an Alien, i am here to watch you and report my Species everything to take over ...soon.

Clubbersguide: Where do you see yourself in 30 years from now?

Sven Wittekind: Most important: healthy & satisfied.

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