TekBoys ND
Author : / Date : 18-02-2011 20:29
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"TekBoys ND" is a music band made of two artists and DJ's.
They're also producers, and come from the city under the Isar - Shtip.
TekBoys ND produce House music and Techno. Nenad Manchev and Dejan Arsov a.k.a. TekBoys ND began their career as DJ's in Shtip's local clubs. Then in 2010 they started working together under the name of TekBoys ND and continued to play together in clubs outside their hometown and with each performance their shows delight the audience. With their mixes slowly they're winning the House and Techno scene in Macedonia. In producing, 2 of their tracks came out in 2010 that were a top 10 at Decksharks Records. They were "Feel it" and "Knock knock". The Decksharks Records brand from Germany looks after their producing. They were also met by the Italian brand Finish Team Records who's going to release their first EP Over Control in March 2011. The video for their house track Last Hope is also under way in 2011...
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