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“Digital” has profoundly affected the musical world, how has it affected you?

First thing that I can think of is the amount of music that I receive, hear and can play. It certainly gives opportunity to lots of young producers to be heard. “Digital” also gave me the opportunity to develop my skills by implementing the technology that came with the “digital age” of spreading music and actually, as a DJ, go far beyond borders that were simply defined by the technique just few years ago.

Digital world
Beyond music “digital” has become a way of life, with social media and non-stop communication. How has your participation in this world changed your life both publicly and privately?

I think it changed my life not more or less than every ones life now days – we have access to so much information, fast, but when I’m offline, I’m offline

A gig is always a give and take between artist and audience. What do you take home from a gig and what do you hope your audience does?

I hope that we all have a great time riding the same wave, go somewhere where we’ve never been before, laugh, dance, suffer, love together and when it happens, I definitely take home a confidence that I’m doing the right thing.

The music scene is constantly generating new genre labels. How have you been labeled? What label would you give yourself?

I’ve been labeled as “minimal” guy and this still happens today. It feels strange because I always played lots of chunky house in my sets, tried to capture that feeling in my productions and when I think of “minimal”, there are so many other great artists that stand for it. I mean, I can live with it, it’s just a genre label. If you feel it, it doesn’t really matter how you label it…

The island
You will play at Space Ibiza this summer. Ibiza has always brought together people and artists from different walks of life and from all over the globe to experience something extraordinary. What do you think makes Ibiza so special?

There are so many stories and individual experiences relating to Ibiza. It’s an old island, magic place with beautiful nature and calm people. Not easy to describe and you definitely have to see and feel it.

The Carl Cox night at Space is called The Revolution Continues. What was your most revolutionary experience in the music scene? What do you want to do that is revolutionary? What would you change about the world if you could?

My most revolutionary experience was hip-hop when I was a kid. Changing the world…. My way of life, music, art, record label and a management agency that I’m involved with (…) – that’s my way to change the world, with art, music, free spirit…

Your life
What is the coolest thing in your house?

A custom made record rack with best records ever.

Another life
If you weren’t involved in music, what could imagine doing instead?

Breaking Ronaldo’s record in this World Cup or just owing and running the coolest restaurant .

Do you practice any rituals before you perform? Are you superstitious?

I don’t practice any rituals, but I’m superstitious ;)

What was the first music you ever purchased? Who was your favorite group when you where twelve? What was the first concert you attended?

First music I bought was some Madonna/Michael Jackson megamix. It was the week when I also bought my first funk & sould mixtapes.
When I was 12 Michael Jackson was the one and my first concert was Jimmy Cliff in Carthage Coloseum Tunis.

Who’s your all-time hero and why?

Is and will be always my MOM.
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