DJane Lucca interview about her debut artist album „Reformation“
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Lucca interview about her debut artist album „Reformation“

Hi Lucca,
First thanks for finding time to do this interview!
Your producer career is going very succesfull and during last 2 years it is being published 1 release after another – Bodydance, Quantum, Reformation and now Woodblocker. In December 2008 you plan to release your debut artist album called Reformation. The album will be out exclusively on Beatport on December 8th. So let’s get to know more about you and the album.

1. What has lead you to the idea of releasing your debut artist album?

Releasing the album has been my dream for a very long time, with an album you can express much more, present more music styles and experience more than when releasing just singles. I have been djing for 7 years, in Europe I have visited most of countries, I have played in China, South America and so on, but regarding my production career I have been releasing just singles. After I started cooperation with my current label manager Nikk Sharpe from UK, I think it is the right time my dream comes true, now.

2. What is the album concept? What tracks is it compiled of?

The album comprises of brand new unreleased tracks but also several of my singles from the last year such as Body dance, Quantum, Reformation and Woodblocker. These singles were released during the re-launch of Sound Of Acapulco so I wanted to have them on the album to create more awareness of my older music.
For the album my aim was to include very specific tracks that symbolized different parts of my life and give them the right flow so that it build a common entity.

3. Does the album tell a „story“? If so, which.

Every single track has its own story and identity, like every person in the world. While performing as a DJ, I communicate with people via my music - this is what I enjoy much.
And I appreciate the moment when I recognise my audience feel me and my personality and listen to my story, because I always reflect my life to the DJ decks.

4. Why did you entitle it REFORMATION?

Reformation – sounds similar to Revolution, but Revolution seems to me a bit too agressive and violent, as revolution can be like that. Reformation stands for my current life. Right now I work with a great team. And by travelling around the world I gained much experiences, that formed my personality in the last year. Therefore I have more self-confidence and believe in me and my work.

5. Which music styles are represented on the album?

It is simply a dance music album. It takes my favourite elements from all different genre’s of dance. Mostly the tracks are techno, some aiming into minimal, some to electro. I would say my favourite track from the album Hundertwasser can be described as progressive house meets techno meets trance.

6. What did inspire you – which music styles, musicians or producers?

In the beginning of my djing career, I used to play house, my very first track was from DJ Sneak, but then 2 years after I felt in love with “naples sound“, tracks from producers like Marco Carola, Danilo Vigorito, Rino Cerrone … and I was really influenced by that sound for a very long time. I really loved the connection between harder techno and the melodic lines. I also like the sound of Carl Cox, he has been my favourite DJ since many years. On the album I got inspiration from lots of music, but I remember I was listening a lot to older productions of Chemical Brothers, Deep Dish and so on. Off course, also the techno and minimal tracks I used for my DJ sets inspired me for producing own tracks.

7. When did you start collecting stuff for the album?

We started work on the album around a year ago, but some of the tracks such as Body Dance came before this.

8. Who did you cooperate with on the album?

At the moment I work with a german producer – Tobias Fiedler, mix and mastering was done by his colleague. They are very professional and I am glad I had the opportunity to work together with them.

9. What do you like about this cooperation?

I am very satisfied with Tobi and his work. We understand very well one another. We have known each other for quite a long time – 3 years. He knows what styles and sound I prefer or not, so it makes it very easy when we work together

10. What hardware and software did you use when composing the tracks?

We produced the album on Logic and Ableton and we use Mac. I found this software the best out there at the moment and there are some great synths and fx plug in’s for these program’s.

11. Do you include also vocals or modified human voice?

We used a vocoder on "Bodydance" and "Recommended sister". The one and only "prosoniq orange"vocoder". It sounds like heaven not only for the typical vocoder effect on voices, also to get the vocals more fatter with some smart harmonics.

12. In future – do you plan to follow up with releasing another artist album?

Sure! I would like to start working on next album within a year or so. I will be more experienced in studio and these experience need to be used in the next projects. We have plans for a Sound Of Acapulco compilation in 2009 as well.

13. Which track/tracks do you like the most from the album?

I like all the tracks, but my favourites are „Hundertwasser“, „Teleport“ and „Noise Town“.

14. Lately you have been working with Michal Pavlicek quite often. Reformation album with special addition of this significant czech musician will be out in February 2009. Can you tell us more about this cooperation?

This idea came while our common performances. He adds his guitar creations into my tracks which sounds finally very unique and novel. So I’m very grateful that Michal spends his energy to produce a mutual track for my album. I gave Michal the opportunity to choose the track, which suits him best for his guitar riffs.
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