Author : BOYAN / Date : 04-02-2008 19:10
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Boyan or lately Boyanz has a well deserved reputation as a house music DJ. His enthusiasm and passion have fast seen him become an international house music producer and DJ. "Back in 1993 I wanted to be a DJ when I was fourteen" he declares. Born and raised in Macedonia. It was tough to be a DJ because there wasn't a lot of money around, but he persisted, and with his friends started to throw parties. Somewhere along the way a friend gave him software to create his own tracks. He was hooked and retreated to his room making loops on a 4-channel mixer with his old 386 computer. Here he'd make tapes for his friends and survived on a musical diet of early hip hop, house and trance. "I saw composing music as a way of life" So during his years at university, he spent his spare hours experimenting by making loops, mixing and making tunes. As a rsult he released 2 tracks on the early, "Chasing he space" and "Deep blue". These tracks wre so successfull that he was invited to play at parties in Macedonia, Egypt and South Africa. Eventually he decided to get back in touch with his Macedonian roots, so he sampled medieval choral singing and traditional songs and named "Macedonia in your heart" The music was picked up by a ballet troupe who used it to coreograph a show. "Everyone used to wait for a miracle, I realize now that I want to create a miracle" Last year has been a whirlwind with residency at Ministry of Sound Taipei,Taiwan and later Hed Kandi's (Kandi klub) Beijing, China. Top DJs know that Djing is first about being able to tap into that and take it on a journey. Boyan captures the hearts and minds of clubbers with his mixture of house. Boyanz ass shaking blend of house will keep you jumping. He knows how to please the punters. His enthusiasm and passion for the music have fast seen him being catapulted to the fore front of the dancefloors.
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