Marga Sotirovska
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"Musician and composer of lounge music; songs written for festivals and commercial purposes; music producer with diploma; two music albums ("Lounge music by Marga" 2005 & "Lounge music by Marga" 2006) with Austrian airlines - music for flying; one album "Vibrations" - refresh with "Skopsko" (the famous beer in Macedonia); presenting her country with her music on MIDEM festival in Kan 2005... The latest album Beat Of The Old Bazar, released by Oasis Productions - Canada (2006/2007)..." Now she works on a new material, preparing it for a new release! THE MUSIC WILL ALWAYS BE HER LIFE STORY! Marga was drawn to music from the very young age of 5 years old after she received, what she called "the greatest present in the world - The little Yamaha synthesizer”. At 13 years old she began taking private music lessons for piano. Marga soon discovered that her main interest was the technology of making music, so she started investing in her own music studio and in gathering as much knowledge as she could about composition and production. She received a diploma in music production, mastering engineering and recording from “Enterprise”, one of the biggest music studios in Macedonia. Over the next two years she became the assistant to Valentino Skenderovski -- the owner of the “Enterprise" music school and studio. There she worked on many different projects: composing, arranging, recording and mixing music for singers, bands, commercials and as well as music for television. Now Marga has her own studio, “Living Room” where everyday her music ideas and feelings create something that she calls “Marga’s Music” ! Marga's music is mix of ambient, electronic, groove, house music, flavored with Mediterranean, ethnic elements and inspired by the beat of Balkan folk music and her native country of Macedonia. She fills her music full of emotions by adding female vocals and a myriad of different instruments. With her mainly electronic and instrumental music, Marga's goal is to take listeners beyond the margins of everyday reallity into a different, deeper world that exists within the soul.

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