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Jeton Veseli

Born on 04.12.1982

The passion for music began when he was seven years old when he started to play the piano. This motivation grew even bigger as he advanced his skills on the piano. Before he knew what hit him, he was in love; music had moved him. His first contact with electronic music was in ' 98 - ' 99 when he heard some dj sets of Sven Vath, Derrick May and band as Kraftwerk, Orbital, Depeche Mode and Massive Attack. From that point on his musical interests were strictly electronic. When he first began to produce music he concentrated not on a specific genre of electronic music, but something new, fresh and something his own.

Erton Veseli

Born on 28.10.1986

Is a man who always followed his older brother’s steps while hiding his potential within. Dj sets and parties are essential part of his life, giving him an advantage in producing music by predicting the climax of a dj party.

All his effort was crowned during a spontaneous cooperation with his brother when the final result of a combination of feelings, passion and ideas was music that expresses highly emotional, sophisticated and eclectic taste.

Live sets hopefully to come in the near future and an anticipated first album. Very soon we will get a taste of his kind of mix. "We don't make music everyday; only when we are inspired". We want to create good music for the public. We will produce a song that will be a legend in the electronic music scene, but we are waiting for the right moment to put my whole energy into releasing this song. ~ Jeton & Erton [Intellect]
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