• Electronic Music Innovation (EMI) Project

    General news   30-07-2006 10:00 by atko

    This project plans to gather a group of 8 people with already acquired experience in music producing programs, who will meet 2 times a week, so they can exchange ideas and communicate about the music that will be in the process of making. After the first introductory meeting, participants will have to start producing a track which will be part of the final CD with the tracks of the other participants of the project. The projected deadline for the whole project including the workshops and the simultaneous music production is set to be one month after the first meeting. With the end of the project, the process of producing and printing the album will begin. After the album is successfully produced, there will be a public promotion, at which the album will be distributed.

    Essential for the project Electronic Innovation (EMI) is for the participants of the project to be ready to communicate Music fully about the produced music from all perspectives and to accept critique. It is also very necessary the activity of the participants in the project to be constant and coordinated with the meetings themselves. For more information please check out the whole text, and for applying please fill in the application form and send it to damjancd@gmail.com. For any additional questions feel free to write an email to damjancd@gmail.com.

    The deadline for applying has been extended. You can submit your applications until 5th of September.

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